ORENFLO TwinDrift 400E

(4.9/5 Rating)
ORENFLO TwinDrift 400E
ORENFLO TwinDrift 400E
ORENFLO TwinDrift 400E
ORENFLO TwinDrift 400E
ORENFLO TwinDrift 400E
ORENFLO TwinDrift 400E


  • ORENFLO TwinDrift 400E with CADR rating of 800 will clean the air in a 1200 square feet room every 15 minutes. Suitable for large rooms, schools and offices.
  • Double air duct, double filter.
  • Composite activated carbon filter & HEPA 13 filter with silver copper ions.
  • Relieve nasal stuffiness and odors to make the air more breathable.
  • Removes more than 99.97% of airborne particulates at 0.3 microns
  • Triple protection, safe and reliable

I have been using the product for about 3 months. After using this product, I have noticed significant decrease in dust that I have to wipe off the floor. The smell generated by cooking is quickly eliminated. The smell used to linger on for hours, but now within hour or so, the smell of cooking especially oil based batter frying is elmiinated much faster than it used to be.

Andrew Kim

"Having owned several air purifiers, I found that it's hard to find a quality device with enough throughput to maintain a constant and acceptable PM2.5 level. This one has far exceeded my expectations. Generally almost impossible to hear it run, until there is an event that increases air pollutant levels and immediately circulation speed scales up. Even at the highest level, the noise is absolutely acceptable."



Large Coverage Area

CADR 800 easily cleans area up to 1,500 sq ft in 15 minutes. Great for bedrooms, big living rooms, hospitals, home, gym, and offices.

Composite Air Filters

3-layer composite filter consisting pf copper/silver ion, H13 HEPA and modified activated carbon that can capture and reduce 99.97% of fine particulate matter in the air.

Quiet and Efficient 

Automatically lowers fan speed to reduce noise level. Suitable for quiet healthy sleep

Advanced Touch Faceplate

Smart air purifier with touch screen panel, 5 fan speeds, sleep mode, auto mode, safety lock and timer setting.

1-12 Hours Timer Function

The 1 to 12 hour range gives you flexibility to choose exactly how long you want the purifier to operate at any given time and save energy in the process.

Bottom Caster Wheel Design

Easy to move freely with limited effort. Does not damage the floor

Product Specifications

TwinDrift 400E
Product Dimension
15.7" W * 15.7" D * 26.3" H
Gross Weight
31.3 lbs
Fan Speeds
120 V
85 W
Purification Levels
Washable Pre-filter, Composite Filter (HEPA 13 + Activated Carbon)

800 m³/h

Application AreaUp to 1100 sq feet
Noise26 - 66 dB
Negative Ions10,000,000 /cm³
Control Operation

Panel Buttons



Sleep Mode

Press Sleep button, air purifier will enter into sleep mode, the indicator light of sleep mode will be on, the fan speed and noise level will change to the lowest, all the indicators will be off, exit the sleep mode function by pressing any button, except the ON/OFF button.

1h - 12h Timer

Press Timer button, you will be able to adjust the working hour between 1h and 12h. Timer is much convenient for you to control the air purifier. You can setup the working hour of the air purifier so the air purifier can work within the specified time.

Auto Mode

After plugging in the power, the air purifier enters standby mode. Press ON/OFF button, then the air purifier will on and enter AUTO mode, under this mode, the air purifier will choose wind speed automatically according to the air quality.