ORENFLO TwinDrift 400E

  • Double air duct, double filter.
  • Commercial grade air purifier with HEPA13 filter.
  • Relieve nasal stuffiness and odors to make the air more breathable.
  • For homes, schools, offices and healthcare facilities.
  • Removes more than 99.99% of airborne particulates at 0.3 microns
  • Triple protection, safe and reliable

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Know your air

See when your air is excellent, good, fair or poor. Particle sensor provides accurate PM2.5 detection displayed on an intuitive digital panel.

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3 Layer Antibacterial Composite filter:

First Layer

Copper and Silver Ion Anti-Virus PET Skeleton

Newly developed Cu2Ag + antibacterial and antiviral technology, using PET skeleton as a carrier of copper and silver ions, and then synergizing with medical H13 grade HEPA filter to play the role of bacteria isolation, sterilization and antivirus.

Second Layer

H13 Medical Grade HEPA

The H13 medical grade HEPA filtration accuracy is less than 0.3 microns, which can capture and reduce 99.97% of fine particulate matter in the air, such as pollen, pollutants, and allergens, and reduce the carrier of bacteria and viruses in the air.

Third Layer

Modified Activated Carbon

Modified activated carbon can filter out formaldehyde / Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other gaseous pollutants to keep the air fresh.


We started this business out of a personal need to help our daughter who suffers from asthma and the rest of us battling allergies throughout the year.

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One of our Company's core principles is to fight against
economic disparity and inequality. We are very passionate
about education causes.

ORENFLO donates a portion of profits from every air purifier sold
to the Nobelity Project.  

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