We set industry standards in air filter quality and efficiency 



We started this business out of a personal need to help our daughter who suffers from asthma and the rest of us battling allergies. This seemed to be a year-round battle living in Austin, Texas.

We started searching for the right HEPA 13 air purifiers, but discovered the ones on the market were either too small to be effective or too expensive to purchase.

So we decided to make one that was quiet, efficient, powerful with advanced filter technology. The Best Value for Your Money!

ORENFLO Air purifiers are the perfect solution for anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies, mold, smoke, lead dust and so on.

Beyond making the most efficient air purifier on the market, we give back to several educational causes like The Nobility Project.

Customer Satisfaction - Five Star Reviews


We built our air purifier out of our customers need for efficiency and value, one large air purifier that is sturdy, reliable and easy to operate. 

Innovation - Advanced HEPA filter


We work with leading engineers and scientists to make our air purifier more productive without compromising on safety and quality, making sure no ozone or secondary pollution is produced.

Community Outreach - Social Responsibility


We are very passionate about education and we give back to projects that nurture and educate our future leaders.